Chocolate, Spice, Strawberry

Yirga Cheffe Janbar

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes

Janbar is a true powerhouse on the cupping table. As a brewed coffee, this one fits the definition of 'special' in every way. Uniquely sweet, ripe fruit flavors are only the beginning of what this coffee has to offer. The fragrance is alluring (I believe my original cupping notes read "crazy!"), ripe berries, guava, citrus, florals. It's intense, to say the least, a bit winey and quite nice! Adding hot water brings on a great floral/passion fruit smell, tropical, and tinted with citrus and raspberry. And the cup…this coffee's a steamroller. It's tropical through and through - coconut, pineapple, fresh mangos, lychee - all ripe and sweet. As the coffee cools the descriptors start stacking up. Citrus flavors, floral to pulpy and all in between, continue to string together the growingly complex web of flavors. At times it's like fruit bubble gum and then a few minutes later pina colada! It lacks "process" flavors that are often found in naturals, overripe, souring ferment and such. This is of the clean nature, and surprisingly so even against our other naturals that we consider "clean". At City body is medium, and this aspect builds with roast level. Full City is very juicy, and the darker end of this spectrum will make for a pretty crazy espresso - a sure standout, sweet, with a very fruited dark chocolate flavor.

Roast Recommendations

City with an Enhanced Herbals profile for a complex, medium bodied, and bright coffee perfect for Drip

Full City with an Enhanced Candies profile showcases a balanced sweetness, with fruits still front and center for an amazing SO Espresso.


Dry Process


Heirloom Varietals

Grade & Appearance

Grade 1; .8 d/300 grams, 15+ Screen