Fruit, Blackberry, Bittersweet Chocolate

Sumatra Ribang Gayo

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
This coffee is a fun one to categorize in terms of flavor collections for the sorting tool on our green coffee list. You'll see that it shows up under the "Fruited" flavor collections, because light roasts most certainly express a fair amount of delicious fruit flavor profiles along with the rest. But like all wet hulled Sumatra's, it also falls under "Earth and Forest" as well, though there's much more to unpack here than simply earth toned sweetness. We've only carried dry process coffee from Ribang Gayo in the past, and this traditional wet hulled lot has been a real joy to roast and brew, packed with a unique array of flavors, and deserving of every one of those 88 points! City roasts present a thick-bodied cup, with the eathy-sweet aroma and flavor of natural palm sugar. Dark fruit flavors come through as the cup cools, presenting a rustic grape note (muscat?), and something akin to fermented blackberry. The sweetness level is quite intense (9!), and so is the aforementioned thick-as-a-brick body (9.5!). Earth tones are definitely 'there', and should be given the process method. But together, the profile presents unparalleled cup complexity, including aromatic wood spice, like a cedar chest interior, and both fruit flavored and sweet tobacco notes that remind me of walking into a tobacconist. Don't shy away from Full City+ either, if chocolate roast flavors are your thing. Ribang Gayo will stand up well against our most chocolate-forward offerings when roasted dark, and the accompanying syrupy body tie the whole package up nicely.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City+
Drip / French Press - City to Full City+

Wet Hulled (Giling Basah)

Abyssinia, Ateng, Tim Tim


Score: 8.3