Bittersweet Chocolate, Almond, Cinnamon

Peru FTO Lonya Grande Coop

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
In terms of aroma and intensity, caramel and cocoa roast are at the top of our list of fragrances and aromatics we sensed in the dry grounds and when brewing. Bitter and sweet smells find equal footing, and in the cup as well, with some of the aforementioned playing out as chocolate cookie, and creamy hazelnut. The lighter roast has nicely integrated acidity, with flavor notes of brown sugar cookie, and cinnamon stick (we note cinnamon bark too!). The heavy mouthfeel seems to increase in density somehow in the darker roast, maybe because the increased chocolate bittersweets from roast impact body. The aftertaste has a nice intensity, bean-to-bar quality chocolate bittersweetness with an almond hint. We loved the espresso shots we pulled with our darkest roast (very close to 2nd crack - 35F development after the onset of 1st Crack). Mouthfeel is so creamy, like kefir drinkable yogurt, adhering the syrupy dark chocolate flavors to your tongue, and cut through by a mild orange rind bright spot.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City to Full City+
Drip / French Press - City to Full City+

Wet Process (Washed)

Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Villa Sarchi, Catuaí


Score: 8.3