Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Fruit

Peru FTO Cajamarca Productores

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes
This lot from Borgas has a nice intermingling of chocolate, nut, and developed sugar sweetness. And with a thick, syrupy body makes a great dual-use often (SO espresso or blend component, as well as a brewed cup). The dry grounds smell powdered with milk chocolate and malt, along with dry cherry and molasses cookie. This rather sweet aroma carries over in the brewing coffee, with wetted grounds emanating a scent of chocolate syrup and blackberry, and caramel/nut released on the break. Borgas has a flavor of coffee candy (vanilla, caramel, and of course coffee) along with fruit notes that appear as the coffee cools - Bosc pear, green apple, even a bit of green grape - but they're more background notes adding only subtle complexity. Overall, this is a really nice lot of Brazilian coffee that cups with relative cleanliness. Full City roast yields a definite sweetness and makes incredible espresso with heavy chocolate flavors and viscous body.

Roast Recommendations
Full City with an Enhanced Candies profile

Dry Process

Yellow Bourbon

Grade & Appearance
Estate; .6 d/300 grams; 15+ Screen