Caramel-Almond and Roasted Chocolate

Honduras Fredy Vasquez

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
The sweetness in the dry fragrance has a note of cinnamon-laced drinking cocoa, and a fair amount of brown sugar underneath. Pouring hot water on the grounds brings out a caramel almond note that has a confectionary quality to it. That's a theme through the cup profile too. I'm enjoying brewing my City+ roast at the moment, the underlying core coffee bittering, in all coffee to some extent, is offset by ribbons of caramel sauce sweetness, and finds such a pleasant level of balance. Top notes lay a light touch on the flavor profile, and include a hint of lemon peel, and some roasted almond too. The roast taste is delicious at Full City, adding a shade of chocolate to the profile. Fredy Vasquez' coffee is a bodied brew, and Full City/Full City+ roasts will make a nice single origin espresso.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City or darker is recommended.
Drip / French Press - City through Full City as Full City+

Wet Processed



Flavor Profile

Score: 8.3