Caramel-Almond and Roasted Chocolate

Guatemala Xinabajul San Pedro Necta

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
The dry fragrance is very sweet, City+ roasts having a burned sugar pungency, faint allusions to caramel popcorn. Full City showcases more of a mixture of dark cocoa mixed with beer grains and brown sugar. The wet grounds have a caramelized sweetness, chocolate-covered nut, and a subtle dried berry tone is released when breaking through the wetted crust. At City+ the brewed coffee has thick body, and accompanying sweetened dark chocolate flavor. More is revealed as the coffee cools, and hints of black tea and dried currant mark the bittersweet cup, as does a sweet cinnamon candy note in the finish. Our Full City roast boasted big sweetness as well, base flavors are a cross between high % dark chocolate bar laced with caramelized sugars. Light to middle roasts have some mouth refreshing acidity, whereas Full City and Full City+ are just incredibly chocolatey brews. Evaluated as espresso, I get a delicious intermingling of syrupy chocolate and carbonized sugar notes, accented by a hint of dried fruit, all wrapped up in a satiny mouthfeel that leads to a long finish.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City
Drip / French Press - City+ to Full City+.

Wet Processed



Score: 8.5