Hazelnut, Cocoa, Candied Walnut

Guatemala Pena Blanca

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes

City roasts show amazing sweetness, fruit pectin sugars, and unexpected orange marmalade flare. Fruit and tea flavors build in the cooling cup, and a dense baked sugar sweetness is quite complimentary. At a Full City roast, there are notes of dark dried fruit, along with bittersweet cocoa roast tones, candied walnut, and golden raisin.  

A really special brewed Guatemala coffee and great as SO espresso, with extraction accentuating bold chocolate notes, and a tart berry brightness.

Roast Recommendations
City with an Enhanced Candies profile - a great brewed cup.
Full City or Vienna with an Enhanced Candies profile showcases an amazing espresso profile.

Wet Process

Bourbon     Caturra