Caramel-Almond and Roasted Chocolate

El Salvador DP Don Ricardo

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
This dry process smells nice and upfront, alluding to fruits like dried apple and spiced cider, and a toasted marshmallow sweetness, with roasted nut and dark sugars folded in. Spiced notes are hinted at in the cup too, like mulling spices of cinnamon and whole clove that blend with some of the overripe fruit flavors that come through in the finish. The dry process characteristics are more apparent as you move through the cup, with elements of stewed apple and pear coming forward, the rustic sweetness of palm sugar, and some fresh-cut cedar and walnut accenting aroma. Some will really like the brighter cup at City roast, though it doesn't have the level of sweetness I'm after - taking to City+ remedied that. I'll tell you what, at Full City, not only is this lot a sturdy cup brewed (and it is!), but for me personally, it's a sleeper as single-origin espresso too. I can't give it the "official recommendation" because it's going to be too fruity for some, but espresso shots boast delicious flavors of bittersweet chocolate, and brown sugar candied nut, with a maraschino cherry note that cuts through it all.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City
Drip / French Press - City to Full City.

Dry Processed



Score: 8.3