Brown Sugar, Vanilla Cream, Fruit

Columbia Cauca Microlot

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes

This micro-lot from two farms near El Pedregal has a nice profile of fresh fruits and sugar complexity. In the purest sense this is not single origin as it comes from different farms, so we decided to use the micro-lot moniker in the name, however, this is essentially a single origin coffee. Dark roasts are very sweet and with notes of butter brickle ice cream and sugary brittle candy. A very sweet cup of coffee, with an up-front sweetness of light brown sugar and vanilla cream caramels. Fruits emerge as the cup cools with Bartlett pear and plum as the backdrop. The mouthfeel is silky like apple juice, and acidity tart and lively - think green apple. Toasted caramel dominates the finish and sweetness holds on long into the finish. A great brewed coffee and single-origin espresso option.


Wet Process


Bourbon Caturra Typica

Grade & Appearance

SHB EP; .2 d/300gr, 15+ screen