Cinnamon, Darjeeling, Vanilla Bean

Burundi Rutovu

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes

This Burundi has an invigorating smell of red raisin and spice, like raisin muffin, and with a sweet vanilla sugar scent underneath. The dry fragrance is complex, and a fairly accurate depiction of the cup to come. The wet aromatics show potent sweetness, butter and brown sugar come to mind, with light fruit and floral notes at the periphery. The cup flavor at City roast sees a mix of black teas, brisk and clean, with a sweetness that is fairly transparent, some "raw" elements that I liken to pressed cane juice too that add dimension. Subtle fruit notes mark the cup as the temp cools, raisin, cherry juice, and a tart lemon note come to mind. Warming spice and dried fruit notes gain momentum in the cooling cup, and I get a sense of holiday spice cake, or even rum raisin bread. Full City roasts are more intense, layered cocoa flavors are darn near aggressive, padded by dark sugar sweetness, and faint blueberry note. Full City roasts make incredible espresso shots, a dense chocolate syrup flavor, bittering nibs, and a lovely berry juice-like brightness.

Roast Recommendations 

City with an Balanced profile for brewed preparation.
Full City or Vienna with an Enhanced Candies profile for espresso.

Wet Process