Cinnamon, Darjeeling, Vanilla Bean

Burundi Muyinga

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes

Baked sugar and cinnamon stick permeate City roasts with tea notes (Darjeeling and English Breakfast), while deeper bittersweetness and vanilla bean surface at a Full City roast. The tea-like characteristics at City Roast are clean, well defined, and perceived acidity mimics the mouthfeel of tannins found in black tea too. The presence of fruited notes increases with deeper roasting, stone fruits come to mind, and intermingle nicely with a "Tootsie Roll" like flavor.

This is a bigger-bodied Burundi, making a great single origin espresso option, distilled chocolate and fruit flavors, and a bittersweetness that won't quit.

Roast Recommendations
City with an Balanced profile for brewed preparation.
Full City or Vienna with an Enhanced Candies profile for espresso.

Wet Process