Velvety Mouthfeel, Cacao Bar, Lush Berry, Candied Citrus

2017 Holiday Roast

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes

With the holiday season in mind, we paired a rock solid all Bourbon cultivar Burundi with a Western Ethiopian cooperative coffee, then added a dash of Kenyan coffee for vibrancy. All three coffees are wet-processed, and each could stand on their own. 

While crema is no indicator of positive cup flavors, it sure looks nice, and shots produced a healthy dose in my glass, settling to a thick, velvety froth. Aromatics were filled with bittersweet chocolate, laced with a mix of burned sugars and orange peel. The liquor consistency comes off highly viscous on the palate too, and letting it sit in your mouth produces a mix of sweet to bittering cocoa tones and lush berry highlights. Dark berry notes come into view in the finish, but are overshadowed by layers of rich chocolate tones in the long aftertaste. A holiday blend from us to you.

Roast Recommendation

City with Enhanced Candies profile for Brew and Pour Over 

Full City or Darker with an Enhanced Candies Profile for Espresso