Honey, Bittersweet Chocolate, Almond and Pecan

El Salvador Matalapa El Pino

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
El Pino is a well-balanced coffee from the Matalapa farm, harmonious flavors both sweet and bitter accentuated by a creamy body, and structured by well-integrated, mild acidity. Whether you're interested in a coffee to roast to City+ or Vienna, you can count on the cup showcasing this balance in a variety of brew methods. The aroma has a smell of burned sugars, chocolate bittering tones, and hints of sesame candies in my lightest roasts. I pick up on a flavor of cooked sugars in the brew as well. A cane sugar note is accented by a honey accent, fading to a bittersweet finish. Full City roasts are rich with chocolate bittersweets, and almond and pecan nut notes lead to a flavor profile of chocolate-covered nuts. Matalapa makes for a classic-toned SO espresso at Full City/Full City+ roasts, rich dark chocolate flavors accented by creamy nut tones in the aftertaste, and with such viscous mouthfeel.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City or darker is recommended.
Drip / French Press - City through Full City as Full City+

Wet Processed



Score: 8.3