Butterscotch, Raw Sugar, Bosch Pear

Brazil Adair Oliveira Neto

12.0 oz

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Cupping Notes 
The single farmer Brazils we bought this year are so dang impressive, and this lot from Oliviera Neto is another atypical dry process Brazilian coffee. The fragrance of the dry ground coffee has sugar browning type sweetness, with notes of crisped toffee with peanut, lime zest, and an herbal undertone. The aroma conjures up aromatic impressions of butterscotch sauce, and torched sugars. City and City+ roasts have a raw sugar sweetness, a pleasant flavor of simple brown sugars is propped up by apple-like acidity, which helps to convey a 'clean' cup profile. The coffee has a crisp Bartlett pear note, with subtle sweet herbal accents that add a nice aromatic quality to the cup. My Full City+ roast was just too dark for this coffee. The bittering flavors need countering sweetness to help balance things out, and they just weren't there. Full City is the maximum roast I'd recommend, steering clear of any 2nd snaps.

Roast Recommendations
Espresso - Full City
Drip / French Press - City to Full City

Wet Process (Washed)

Modern Hybrids


Score: 8.3